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x10mp3 doesn't work, what's wrong? (linux)

If x10mp3 isn't working, try launching it from the command line and see if any error messages appear on the console.

The most common problem encountered with x10mp3 is port permissions. The user running XMMS must have read and write permissions for the port in question. As root, do a "chmod a+rw /dev/ttyS?" where '?' is your port (0 for Com1, 1 for Com2) and try again. Of course, you'd know this already if you read the README, right?

Over 1000 people have downloaded x10mp3 with out issue, but if you think there is a problem with the application, please submit a bug report.

Can I use a Firecracker and an Mp3Remote receiver on the same port?

While in theory this should work, sometimes it doesn't. Issuing a command to the Firecracker using Bottlerocket can lock up a system. I have had this happen several times, but always when Bottlerocket was called from a cron job. The exact cause of this problem is unknown, so it is best to use a seperate port for each if possible.

Will x10mp3 work with X10's MouseRemote?

No. x10mp3 will only work with X10's Mp3Remote.

The MouseRemote and Mp3Remote each are really two devices: the remote control unit and the receiver which attaches to your PC's serial port. While the receivers for both remote control units attach to the serial port, the underlying interface is not the same.

The Mp3Remote uses the serial port exclusively, so any data coming in /dev/ttyS? must be an Mp3Remote command. The MouseRemote shares the serial port with a mouse, so incoming data could be mouse movement or a MouseRemote command. The x10mp3 software is not capable of distinguishing between the two.

Can you write a daemon to launch xmms when I press the PC or Power button?

No. Linux users try xtend.

Are there any plans to make x10mp3 work with MouseRemote?

Not at the moment, because there is already a separate plug-in for MouseRemote called xmms-mr. Also, I don't have a MouseRemote so I couldn't do any testing.

If anyone wants to submit a patch though, I'd happily merge it into the x10mp3 project.

Can I select play-lists using the number keys on the Mp3Remote?

This feature is being developed and will be included in the next release.

What new features are planned? How do I help?

See the Developer's Page

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