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x10mp3 is an open source project. That means that all the code can be modified, improved, hacked, fixed, and even messed-up by anyone with the desire to do so. If you fix a problem or add a feature that is lacking, chances are someone else can benefit from your code, then share it! The result will be better software for all.

The primary platform for x10mp3 is Linux. Some of the following may not be applicable to Windows developers.

Now of course, we can't have just anyone adding code, because there's always the chance that it won't work. Everything is subject to approval, but if it's used, don't worry - you'll get the credit and all the praise that follows.


Here are some links to resources of value to x10mp3 development:


If you are interested in further developing x10mp3 and would like your code to be merged into the next release, here are some guidelines to follow:
  • always use the latest CVS Source
  • keep each feature's implementation in a separate file, adding only the needed function calls to x10mp3.c
  • each feature should be able to be enabled or disabled using --enable-feature or --disable-feature during the ./configure stage.
  • check this page to see what features are already being developed.
  • submit a patch with your final tested changes to the patch manager

features officially under development

Cigy is working on a speech module that will announce the name of the current song and album using a speech package like 'say' or 'festival'. If you want to try it out, get the latest CVS source.

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