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about x10mp3

x10mp3 gives you remote control of your mp3s.

x10mp3 is a plug-in for xmms and WinAmp. It will allow you to control XMMS/WinAmp using an X10 remote. It is intended to be used as a replacement for the Boom 2000 Software. See below for requirements and compatibility with the various X10 remotes.

The main platform for x10mp3 is Linux. Some of the information on this site is only relevant to Linux versions.

The Boom2000 software is a seperate application, developed by X10, that sends messages to assorted programs like WinAmp and RealPlayer. There are two things wrong with that: 1. you must start a seperate application everytime you launch your Mp3 player, and 2. you must use Windows (blech!)

Since x10mp3 is a plug-in, it is started automatically everytime you run XMMS/WinAmp. x10mp3 has additional features that Boom2000 does not, like balance control, fast-forward/rewind, pause, etc. Also, Boom2000 doesn't run on Linux - x10mp3 does.

For more information, you may want to read the FAQ.

using x10mp3

Here is a picture of the Mp3Remote, showing all the functions. Your remote may be a different colour, or called something other than an Mp3Remote - see below for compatibility.

For installation instructions, see the README and INSTALL files. If you have problems installing, or you encounter a bug, you can get help at Sourceforge


"If it works with Boom2000, it works with x10mp3" - this is the general rule. x10mp3 is verified to work with the remotes shipped with (but not limited to) the following:

  • Mp3Anywhere
  • DVDAnywhere
  • Entertainment Anywhere
  • SoundPower
x10mp3 does not work with:
  • MouseRemote
  • SuperRemote - this package is not shiped with a receiver


  • the xmms player version 1.0.X or higher
  • the XMMS development libraries and headers available here.
  • GTK 1.2.X development libraries and headers
Windows: Both platforms also require:
  • an X10 remote-control unit and receiver compatible with the Boom2000 software (see the X10 web site).


You can download current and previous versions for Linux and Windows here. Also checkout the freshmeat appindex.

The Linux version has been tested on the following (and possibly other) setups:

  • RedHat 6.X, 7.X
  • Slackware 7.0
  • FreeBSD
  • Mandrake (possible issue with GTK libs - see support request
The Windows version has been tested on:
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME

contact, bugs, support

Please send questions, comments, success stories, feature requests and complaints to abythell@[nospam]ieee.org.

Requests for support should be made through the Support Manager. Likewise, bug reports should be made through the Bug Manager - A Sourceforge account is not needed.

The x10mp3 software is provided without warranty. Every effort will be made to resolve bugs and respond to support requests, but we cannot be responsible if it buggers your system (no reports of this happening so far!).

'X10', 'Mp3Anywhere' and 'DVDAnywhere' are copyright ©1999 X10. 'Sourceforge' copyright ©1999-2000 VA Linux Systems, Inc. 'x10mp3' copyright ©2000-2003 Andrew Bythell